Season 4, Episode 2: Falling Down

First off, I’m sorry it took an extra week to get the next post up.  Sometimes, life just happens.

So back at school, Pacey has already been summoned to the guidance office.  On the first day of school.  That can’t be good.  He blows it off, because he’s such a badass, although not as badass as that badass Caulfield.


Goddamn, he was badass.

He and Joey turn their discussion to themselves, because they haven’t discussed PDA and how much they want to gross their teachers out.  Joey, being a frigid bitch, acts like she isn’t too keen on the whole PDA idea, before jamming her tongue down Pacey’s throat right in front of Dawson.


I guess the bed and breakfast failed, because Joey is looking for another job to help pay for college next year.  Good luck, toots.  College is fucking expensive, and I doubt a minimum wage job is going to put much of a dent in the costs, unless you go to, heaven forbid, COMMUNITY COLLEGE!  Seriously, they crack jokes about community college.  Fuckin’ elitists.  Anyway, Andi suggests a waitress job at the yacht club, but Joey thinks the Potter name being synonymous with scandal is going to ruin any chance she has.  So Andi suggests namedropping the Ross’, a prominent family on the board, in case things go south.

Dawson is trading in some CDs, where he runs into Gretchen.  She mentions Pacey and asks if she can help with her dumbass brother in any way.  Dawson says no, so Gretchen starts picking on his music tastes.  Dawson, like all 90s teens, loved Vanilla Ice, but grew out of it.  She starts giving him shit for hating the Grateful Dead, which means he and I have something in common.  Barf.  Apparently his parents gave him the CD, making his parents cooler than he is.  Wait, are they flirting?


That hair, though.

Jen has been frantically checking her email, hoping for some kind of update from Henry.  Having not heard from him, she’s convinced he’s cheating on her.  Jack tries to console her, and checks his own email to receive something that’s apparently shocking from “no one”.  Ethan?  I’m in suspense!


Joey has decided to lie through her teeth at the yacht club interview, which isn’t going very well.  Her interviewer lady is pretty frosty towards her, which you’d think Joey could take a taste of her own medicine, but instead, flat out calls the lady a bitch.  That’s…not how you get a job, Joey.  She gets up to leave, mentioning the Ross’ in the process, which suddenly changes the frosty bitch’s tune.  Because there are never consequences on this show, even when calling your potential employer a bitch during the interview, Joey gets the goddamn job.


Now Bro Dad has been promoted to interim guidance counselor?  What?  I seriously have begun to wonder about the education requirements of teachers in The Creek.  Don’t guidance counselors usually have some kind of social work background?  Bro Dad built models of underwater themed restaurants.  Anyway, turns out that he’s Pacey’s guidance counselor, and while Pacey was off jet-setting up and down the coast, he missed summer school.  This is bad news because he failed three classes last year and has to make them up to graduate.  Pacey is nonplussed.  Bro Dad pulls the friend card and tells Pacey to retake them after school, prompting Pacey to ask what if he can’t do it.  Well, you won’t graduate with your friends, which must include Bro Dad if he’s playing the friend card.  It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

Gretchen found a dump for her and Pacey to live in, and he fucking hates it.  She asks him why he’s got a bug up his ass (not literally), and he tells her that he’s fucked because he skipped summer school.  She doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but he seems pretty defeated.  She asks him if he told Joey, and he hasn’t, because she’s just so smart and would never let her life get this fucked up.



Gretchen reiterates that he needs to tell her, if for nothing more than she’ll reiterate that it’s manageable and he’ll actually listen.

At the yacht club, Joey sucks at her job.  Some rich dude is pissed that he hasn’t received his sandwich yet, and acts all cocky when Joey throws shade at him for having money.  What is this bitch’s problem?  She is utterly unemployable unless it’s by her own family.  He follows her around, apologizing for being a dick; he’s just always wanted to talk down to staff for some sadistic reason.  Honestly, he thinks that everyone is a creep at the club, and Joey tells him she doesn’t care, giving him his check to sign for, despite never receiving his damn sandwich.  You’re really terrible at this, Joey.  Turns out, this guy is none other than Owen Ross!  Oh shit!


Dawson, having realized he may be a loser, is trying to give the Grateful Dead a second chance, but he just doesn’t get it.  Maybe his parents are cooler than him after all.  Bro Dad mentions Pacey and Dawson reminds him that he doesn’t fucking care.  Bro Dad thinks that Pacey needs his friends’ support to get through this difficult time, and that Dawson needs to be there for him.  Dawson tells Bro Dad that Pacey can kick rocks; he’s on his own.

Turns out that the email for Jack was from Henry, who confided that he wants to take a break from Jen and get some strange at his new school.  Andi thinks he’s full of shit, what with spending a year trying to get Jen to even look at him.  She asks what Jack told him, which was that he needed to talk to Jen.  For some reason, Andi thinks that communication between significant others is a bad idea.  No wonder you’re single, Andi.


Pacey is still grumpy, eating dinner with Joey on his boat.  Joey is just super pumped to be a senior and only have one more year until graduation, and asks Pacey about his guidance counselor’s visit.  He blows it off, so she switches conversation to her new job, which utterly perplexes Pacey.  Why the fuck does she want a job?  She tells him about her plan to pay for college, and not be a “townie”, which pisses Pacey the fuck off and has him go off about how she thinks she’s better than townies and fuck her and her snobbery.  She asks him what his fucking problem is, and he still denies that something is wrong.

Uh oh.  The next day, Pacey doesn’t even bother showing up for school.  Dawson looks concerned.


At the yacht club, Owen notices that Joey has been super nice to him all day, which he thinks is boring.  Rather than continuing to do her job well, he has her sit with him, so he can update her on all the yacht club gossip.  Turns out, everyone has some kind of skeleton in their closet, which he thinks is just the most unclassy shit ever.

Jen visits with Jack, mentioning that she still hasn’t heard from Henry.  She’s just going to give him time.  Jack casually asks her if she’s ever thought it might not work out, which sets off her conspiracy alert.  She asks him if he talked to Henry, and Jack admits he did.  Jen gets furious, asking if Henry is breaking up with her, which Jack deflects, because honesty between friends isn’t such a great idea.  Jen storms off.


Dawson goes to Joey’s to return some of the CDs he borrowed.  As he goes to leave, he tell Joey that she needs to talk to Pacey about school, filling her in on the details, but also making sure to mention that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass if Pacey flunks out.  We get it, Dawson.  You’re still salty.  She obviously doesn’t believe him, and Dawson gives some whiny tirade about how Pacey wouldn’t tell her because it would kill him to disappoint her.  He’s very clearly also alluding to himself and why he gives enough of a shit to bring her up to speed.

Joey goes to Pacey’s and starts flipping the fuck out on him.  Pacey is rightfully pissed that Dawson knows, not because Bro Dad violated like a million confidentiality laws (everyone in this town sucks at their job), but because Dawson now has something to lord over him and make himself look better by comparison.  Joey gets pissed, telling him she’s not surprised that he’s running away from conflict.  He calls himself a loser, which offends her, because she would never lower herself to dating a loser.


The next day, Gretchen wakes Pacey up and tells him to stop being a pussy and go apologize to Joey.  He’s sabotaging a good thing with her.  He mentions that he’s already lost her because of Dawson’s knowledge of his idiocy, and Gretchen tells him that he needs to realize that Joey picked him, not Dawson, and as part of that responsibility, he needs to deal with his fucking problems.

The interviewer from earlier grabs Joey and asks her how Owen Ross could have possibly bought a sandwich, what with being in Paris and all.  Oh shit, consequences!  Finally!  Or not.  Not-Owen comes in and covers for her, saying that he absolutely knows he saw Owen at the club earlier that week.


Turns out, that lady is Not-Owen’s mom.  His real name is Drew, and he knew that Joey lied through her teeth to get the job, so he thought it would be really fun to dick around with her.  He was right, and is genuinely shaping up to be a sociopath.

Jen is still super pissed at both Jack and Henry.  Dawson tells her to let it go.  Love hurts, but unless she feels the pain, she won’t be able to move on.  Jen’s all, “Shove your shitty advice, Dawson!”, and Dawson reminds her that he learned it all from her, and that she needs her friends now more than ever.  He knows that he never would’ve made it through the summer without his friends.


On cue, Jack shows up and Dawson leaves.  Jen apologizes to Jack.  She was just pissed because she thought it was bullshit that Henry made Jack deliver the bad news.  After talking with Henry, it turns out that they’ve officially broken up, so it’s on to the ice cream and bitterness phase, which Jack is more than willing to help her with.

Later, Joey is waiting for Pacey at his boat.  She’s still fucking furious with him.  Pacey is bummed, because he listened to his sister, and Joey is still salty at him for being a fuck up.  You see, Joey wrecked Pacey.  He finally got what he wanted, and now he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, that other shoe being Joey realizing that Pacey is a fuck up, and wishing she’d chosen Dawson instead.  Dawson’s not an idiot.  Joey reminds Pacey that Dawson is a white bread baby who would never have the balls to go out on his own and have a magical summer at sea.  He needs to stop worrying about her history with Dawson and start creating their own history together.  And for God’s sake, stop running at the first sign of confrontation, you big sissy!  That’s not how you weather a storm.


He finally admits that he’s scared and needs her help.  Just like everyone else, she assures him that they can fix this and everything will be okay.  They kiss and Pacey graduates high school with all his friends because this show has no fucking consequences and everyone’s life should be relatively problem-free.  At least Joey calls Pacey “emotionally retarded” to make me feel a little better.



1 Guh


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