Season 2, Episode 20: Reunited

So the whole gang is hanging out in Dawson’s room, watching a movie.  I mean the whole gang; Dawson, Jen, Joey, Biz Markie, Andi, Pacey and even Jack.  The conversation turns to how odd it is that they’re friends, given that they’re all self-righteous assholes, during which we learn that Jen apparently lives at Dawson’s now.  Dawson remarks that they’re essentially a clique, and they all act super hipstery because they’re too cool to be in a clique.  Being so cool, they break into a super cool pillow fight, and at no point does Dawson ever tell them to cut the shit because he might need his pillows to sleep.


The next day, Pacey catches shit from Andi for not being pumped that she dyed her hair brown.  Trying to save face, he asks her out that night because it’s Friday, and she declines to study.  She is really freaking the fuck out about everything and tells Pacey to have fun jacking it by himself that night.

In school, some dude is watching Andi as she’s rooting through her locker.  She catches him staring and smiles.  She seems into this new stranger.


Back outside, Joey tells Dawson that she’s sick and fucking tired of watching movies, which, who can blame her?  She wants some spontaneity and Dawson’s all, “We’re two boring, white bread cheeseballs; of course we can’t be spontaneous!” before revealing that he has reservations at a nice restaurant for them that evening.

Later that evening, Gail catches Jen longingly looking at Grams’ place and tells her she should call.  Jen tells her that there’s no point because even if they reconciled, eventually the relationship would implode again.  Not that Gail would understand.  Gail’s all, “Hey bitch, remember what’s going on with me and Bro Dad?”, and Jen tells her that things are going to work out eventually.


Cut to Bro Dad walking with film class teacher and they kiss.  He seems kind of surprised by it and she tells him that they’re dating, so of course things are going to progress.  Sounds like Bro Dad is getting it in later, folks!  She kind of talks to him like he’s a child, though, so maybe not.  They kiss again and walk into a French restaurant that I’m sure in no way, shape or form will be Dawson’s romantic spot.

Yup, Dawson got reservations at the same restaurant.  Qu’el suprise.  Can’t wait for the hijinks that I’m sure are about to ensue, especially given that the restaurant screwed up his reservation, thinking Bro Dad had double booked or some shit.


Andi is talking to her therapist, who essentially tells her that she’s losing her goddamn mind as a result of Abby’s death.  Apparently she doesn’t handle death well.  The therapist is super concerned about Andi and gives her her home phone number so she can call and suggests medicating Andi again in order to help her “heal properly”.

As she gets in her car, the mysterious guy from school earlier magically appears.  She tells him that she’s terrified that she’s going to lose him again and he tells her she won’t.  This is supposed to be a mystery, but it’s just aggravating.  She really is flipping.  I kind of love it.


Back at Dawson’s house, Jen asks Gail if she’s ever tried to get Bro Dad back.  She tells Jen that she thinks about it every day, but admits that maybe she hasn’t tried as hard as she probably could.  Well no shit he hasn’t come around then, lady!  She tells Jen that she doesn’t want to force it with Bro Dad, which leads into a discussion about her potential job in Philadelphia.  She’s not sure if she wants to take it or not, and is waiting for a sign.  Yeah, apathy will get the man back in your life.  Something that was in the oven catches on fire.  I wonder if they’ll go to the fucking French restaurant.

So naturally, because the restaurant screwed up their reservations, Dawson and Joey are seated with Bro Dad and film teacher, henceforth known as Nicole.  Nicole asks what Dawson’s summer plans are and offers to make some calls to get him an internship in Hollywood.  Dawson is confused, given that she called him a hack and she apologizes for being truthful.  Dawson continues acting like a butthurt douche, making things really tense at the table.


Joey decides to defuse the situation and pulls Dawson from the table.  She’s pissy with him, calling him petty and telling him she thinks his date is bullshit.  He apologizes to her and tells her he’ll put his vendetta on the back burner.  As expected, Gail and Jen show up.

Andi leaves Pacey in her room and goes downstairs.  The mystery man is down there and she tells him that she can’t handle two men at once.  Have you ever tried, Andi?  Pacey finds a photo album under the covers and goes downstairs to find Andi.  He overhears her talking to the mystery man, who tells her she’s going to have to choose.  Pacey rounds the corner and is surprised when he finds that no one is standing there!


Joey asks Jen what the fuck they’re doing at the restaurant and fills Jen in on what’s going on with Bro Dad and Nicole.  Dawson asks Bro Dad if he’s alright and if he realizes that Gail is totally running away from him.  He pleads with Bro Dad not to let her leave, before spotting her walking in.

Nicole and Gail end up having a catty exchange in the bathroom.  At first Gail’s all, “I’m getting the fuck out of here,” but changes her mind when Nicole throws some more shade at her.  Tonight’s the night she wins Bro Dad back!

Pacey asks Andi who she was on the phone with, and she tells him she wasn’t on the phone.  He asks her if she’s seeing someone else and she deflects, so he asks her what the fuck her problem has been lately.  She keeps denying that anything is wrong and he suggests that maybe it’s a medical thing.  She gets all defensive and he brings up the photo album, asking why she dyed her hair the same color it was when Tim was alive.  Is she suffering from revertigo or some shit?  Anyway, she tries to get the album from him and ends up breaking a lamp in the process.  She tells Pacey that she’s going to bed and we finally get the reveal that the mystery man has been Tim all along.  Andi totally sees dead people!


Gail throws shade at all the romantic couples enjoying themselves and Jen calls her on that bullshit, telling her that if she had the opportunity for romance, she’d totally take it.

Meanwhile in Awkwardville, Nicole is suddenly being super complimentary towards Dawson and his stupid movie.  Joey calls her on this and asks her why she’s suddenly being so nice.  Since nothing is ever subtle on this show, Joey’s a raging bitch while she does this.

Pacey tells Jack that something is wrong with Andi because he totally heard her talking to herself.  Jack’s heard her talking to herself too.  Andi overhears their conversation and tells them they need to mind their own business, because she’s not fucking crazy.  To prove this, she immediately locks herself in a bathroom.


Joey’s still grilling Nicole on why she thought Dawson’s movie sucked.  She tries to change the subject, but ultimately ends up telling the table, Bro Dad included, that she doesn’t think Dawson has potential.  Dawson tells her that she’s a hypocrite, given that she’s now a teacher in The Creek, far from Hollywood.  Since things weren’t awkward enough, Joey flat out calls Nicole a bitter cunt.  This causes Nicole to excuse herself, totally salting Bro Dad’s game.

It turns out that Joey’s cuntiness was all part of “Operation Reunited”, which Jen and Joey put together to get Bro Dad and Gail back together or something.

It must have worked, because Gail and Bro Dad start dancing.  He asks her what she’s going to do about the job in Philly and she asks him why he cares.  He suggests that her leaving could irreparably screw Dawson up or something, alluding to the fact that he’s not ready for her to leave.  She tells him that she’ll miss Dawson very much, implying that she’ll miss Bro Dad too.


Andi won’t open the door to the bathroom,  but is freaking the fuck out because Tim is in there with her.  She breaks the mirror trying to get his visage to disappear.  That’s seven more years of bad luck, you crazy bitch!  But seriously, she really has an issue with mirrors.  Pacey and Jack tell her that they don’t think she’s nuts and that they believe she totally can see dead people.  Tim tells her that they, much like parents, just don’t understand, and that she has to choose between Pacey and him.  Pacey agrees with Tim and pleads with her to choose him, because he loves her and stuff.  It’s a really emotional scene for all parties involved, but eventually Andi opens the door.

After putting Andi to bed, Jack tells Pacey that he’s going to call their dad.  Pacey doesn’t think that’s a good idea, what with his dad bailing when their mom went insane.  Who’s to say he won’t do the same with Andi?  Except he’s already gone, Pacey.  It’s not like he can go further away.  Jack sees a correlation between how Andi is going crazy in relation to their mom and thinks that their dad will help this time.  He felt so neutered when his mom went crazy because he couldn’t help, but now he can actually help Andi.  Pacey tells him to call.


Gail and Jen are leaving the restaurant and Gail thanks her for setting her up with Bro Dad.  That was the sign she needed, and she’s decided to stay.  She felt something when they were dancing.  Probably an erection, Gail.  Poor Bro Dad had his game salted by a 15 year old girl.  She’s convinced that Bro Dad felt something too, or at least she was, before they round the corner and see him making out with Nicole.  Devastated, she runs away.

Nearby, Dawson and Joey are making out in his boat.  She asks him if the romantic dinner was his way of trying to get it in and he confesses that the thought crossed his mind.  She admits that she’s thinking about giving it up to him, then changes her mind and blue balls him instead.  He’s genuinely surprised that she wants to do something that isn’t prudish, and she says that she’s “majorly considered” it.  But not yet.  He keeps trying to get clarification on what exactly she means and she jokingly tells him to shut the fuck up.


Back at Andi’s, Pacey is creepily watching her sleep.  She wakes up and asks Pacey what’s going to happen to her.  He offers her reassurance that she’ll be alright; they just need to heavily medicate her.  Super helpful, Pacey.  She admits that she’s really scared and is afraid she’s going to lose him.  He tells her that’s not going to happen because he loves her, and she returns those sentiments.  They hug and we fade to black.



Crying Dawson Scale





3.5 out of 5 Crying Dawsons


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