And. Here. We. Go!


And we’re off.

Dawson’s Creek premiered on January 20, 1998.   I would’ve been 12 years old, a time when the idea of watching a teenage soap opera was not going to happen (and wouldn’t, until my life-changing introduction to Degrassi 10 years later).

It may have also been the era of my life when my parents had gotten rid of cable, which would’ve made watching anything difficult.

However, with the advent of new technology, the internet, higher speed internet and eventually Netflix Streaming, I found myself curious;  was this show really sexy?  Did the slutty girls in middle school watch it?  Did we even have slutty girls in middle school?  Did Dawson’s Creek start the rise of slutty middle school girls with its sexiness?

But ultimately, which one of the two main guy characters is actually Dawson?

A few weeks ago, I came across a site called Full House Reviewed, and thought the idea of a chronological TV show review could be fun, but had no idea  what show to do.  Then the suggestion came to me to do Dawson’s Creek, which I’d caught an episode of here and there since it popped up on Netflix, and had always watched in mild bemusement.  Sure, it’s a teen soap opera, but now featuring dated clothing, stilted acting and so much more that lends itself to a bit of comedy!  I had to do it!

There are 128 episodes of The Creek, plus a 2-part Series Finale, meaning that for the next 130 weeks, one episode review will (hopefully) go up every Monday.  That’s two years, eighteen weeks.  910 days.

So join me on this journey of reclaiming a bit of my youth.  And also, trying to figure out some context to this picture that has been around the internet forever:



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